Saturday, August 31, 2013

DJ El G/SupaSortaHuman/Depressive Tongue Posse/KidRaz - 'Lost Thing'

Yo. DTP did a collab recently with a Belgian producer named DJ El G and dirty-south masta SortaHuman. Evil Memphis-style shit. Get the 'Lost Thing' mixtape for free from DatPiff. Check the Posse-produced cut 'Swirlz' and Posse rappers Sharxx and Aggressive Professor on the track 'Glock In,' produced by DJ El G. Seems like the Posse should have another mixtape on the way soon...

Society's Fault 8-23-13

More new stuff, more trash-talking from your favorite punk radio losers Rotweiler and Jake. Oh yeah, the best track might be 'Mr. Cool' by Killer Kane Band. It's a total ripoff of Alice Cooper's 'Eighteen' and features future W.A.S.P. members. Good stuff.

Monday, August 26, 2013

V-3 - 'The Earth Muffin' EP

In the spirit of last week's mixtape, here's another Jim Shepard gem I recently unearthed. I'm not the biggest fan of the V-3 period where Jim's ex-wife sang a lot of the songs...partly because their breakup seems to be a contributing factor to his suicide, but also just because her songs are more goth/new-wave type stuff. That being said, though this EP is definitely of that era, I like it pretty well. It has two of her better tracks, a cool instrumental, and a recording of 'Inside Outpost' I like MUCH better than the one on 'Psychic Dancehall.' It's warmer and less studio-sounding. Whatever the case, if you're a Shepard fan, you'll wanna grab this up just because it's hard as fuck to find.

V-3 - 'The Earth Muffin' EP

1. Tic-Toc
2. Inside Outpost
3. To Breathe No More
4. Flying


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Society's Fault 8-16-13

More of that punk sheeyt...Found some interesting new stuff for this show.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Obscuro! Mixtape #22 - 'Jim Shepard'

This one's been a long time in the works...unfortunately, Mr. Shepard's discography is so weird and scattered that it's taken me this long just to obtain half of it. It's also all so great that it's hard to pick favorites. Hopefully, this is a good representation of the man's work...the weirdo experimentation, would-be pop classics, and angry-ass punk. I'm not the biggest fan of his droning experimental releases (except 'Picking Through the Wreckage,' which is fantastic) but I still tried not to lean too heavy on the 'poppy' stuff.

If you're not familiar, Shepard was an underground musician from Columbus, OH who just did his own thing for years and years, starting in the 70's. The name changed from Vertical Slit to V-3 but the sound remained similar. Basically, he's like everything Kurt Cobain wasn't. Sure, Cobain always railed against the music industry and fame, but he didn't shun it. Shepard did stuff like release 10 copies of an album and distribute them at pawn shops knowing the 'right' people would find them. His career reads like a fictional story, and that's exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately, he hung himself in '98, leaving people like me to piece together his legacy from obscure mp3-rips and long-disappeared private-press albums. I even made a pilgrimage to his hometown a year back, and managed to find a copy of the 'Voices of Men' single.

So, this is pretty much my favorite rock dude here. Really, do some research for yourself and see if you aren't intrigued. For now, here's a too-brief collection of some of my favorite recordings he did. Don't worry, it'll all fit on one CD-R. It's a Mixcloud podcast so you CAN'T skip tracks.


Forever Low Man (v-3 - 'Negotiate Nothing')
Pleasure (Jim Shepard - 'Motorcyle Movie')
American Face (V-3 - 'Photograph Burns')
Starlight Investor (Vertical Slit - '...And Beyond')
The Voices of Men (Jim Shepard - 'Voices of Men' single)
Pull the Switch, Henry (Jim Shepard - 'Picking Through the Wreckage with a Stick')
Your Girlfriend (V-3 - 'Negotiate Nothing')
Bristol Girl (V-3 - 'Photograph Burns')
We Got it All (Ego Summit - 'The Room Isn't Big Enough')
Another Exterminator (Eaten By Bugs) (V-3 - 'Psychic Dancehall')
Shady Business Deal (Jim Shepard - 'The Evil Twin')
Birthplace of Aviation (Jim Shepard - 'Motorcycle Movie')
New Thrill/New Pill (Vertical Slit - '...And Beyond')
Fair Exchange (Vertical Slit - 'Slit and Pre-Slit')
A Rock Aesthetic (Jim Shepard - 'Evil Love Deeper')
One Percent of Nothing (Jim Shepard - 'Folk City Aztec Drama, Vol. 1')
Untitled #4 (Jim Shepard - 'V-3: Next Album')
A Streetcar Named Depression (Jim Shepard - 'Picking Through the Wreckage with a Stick')
Checkout Time, Mr. White (V-3 - 'Launchpad Explosion' EP)
Imagine This... (Jim Shepard - 'Motorcycle Movie')
Va-Va-Room (Jim Shepard - 'Amsterdam')
Harry (V-3 - 'Photograph Burns')
Carnage on the Midway (V-3 - 'Pimping in the 90's')
Your Uncle (V-3 - 'Negotiate Nothing')
Pain/Loss (Jim Shepard - 'The Evil Twin')
Son of Sam Donaldson (V-3 - 'Negotiate Nothing')

Society's Fault 8-9-13

Kind of a lackluster show, but it's up here anyhow. We were kind of funny, and it's got a mix of my favorite tracks from the past year's broadcasts.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Society's Fault 8-2-13

...doing a couple of these at once because it's easier that way. This one's pretty good. Both of us were here, and I found a lot of new shit to play including some 70's satan-metal and a track off Black Flag's upcoming 22-song album.

Society's Fault 7-19-13

More of them classixxxx. Lots of old rock and roll and minimal wave this time around. No Jake, so it's just me hosting.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maniac - 'The World of a Psycho'

Here's a strange one. Generally speaking, the Memphis rap sound is pretty odd already, so here you can see what happens when a genuinely insane person attempts it. Well, okay...Maniac might not be 'insane,' but he's most definitely inept when it comes to producing. Not in a detrimental way by any means, but the beats are totally out there. It honestly sounds to me like he doesn't have a sampler. Almost every track consists of a 4-second loop from a soul record with some badly played keyboard drums over top. Oh, and also a police-siren oscillator on EVERY song. Sometimes it's low-pitched like a 'bass,' sometimes it sounds like a police siren, but it always sounds weird and out of place. A few are actually JUST the oscillator and a beat. 'Skeletal' would be putting it mildly, but I really like what he's doing here. It's kind of like the 'outsider music' experience where somebody does something a trained musician would never have thought of.

So, there's the beats. But then there are the words. Maniac is by no means a bad rapper. He uses a simple Geto Boys-style flow, but the shit he says is off the wall. In one song, you will hear him brag about drinking David Koresh's piss, and also making a mixed drink with his own piss. Or something like that. He also brags about having a dog (yes, a real dog) as a bodyguard. And killing babies. Yep, Maniac is pretty intense. It kind of reminds me that Ganksta N-I-P track 'Horror Movie Rap' except EVERY SONG is like this, with the so-evil-it's-ridiculous lyrics. Or, more aptly, so-insane-it's-ridiculous.

Even the album's structure has a few screws loose. Certain beats make multiple appearances, often right after each other. By that I mean that he'll use a beat for an 'interlude' and also for the next song. A lot of times, he only drops one verse and then does a chorus for like 5 minutes. It's fucked. The 'interludes' are also mostly a dude called 'Gangsta Mack' telling Maniac he doesn't know shit about the devil, and that he needs to leave those 'slaw-ass bitches' alone. I'm pretty sure he's the producer(?) Don't know, but there are definitely some guest spots and the only one I can figure out for sure is Lil Yo with a much deeper voice than the tape I put up a while back.

Here's a lyric to get ya pumped:

'I'm not Vanilla Ice, or Billy Ray Cyrus, drippin' blood that's infected with the HIV virus' NEED this.

Maniac - 'The World of a Psycho'

1. Intro (The World of a Psycho)
2. Totally Insane
3. Psycho Shit (Skit)
4. Mass Murder
5. Kiss My Ass
6. Hell Raiser
7. Psychopathic Mad Man
8. Twilight Zone (Interlude)
9. Twilight Zone
10. The World of a Psycho (Interlude)
11. The World of a Psycho
12. Smooth Shit (Skit)
13. Funky Dope Shit
14. Orange Mound Gangsta Shit
15. Slaw Ass Bitches
16. Pimpin' Shit (Skit)
17. Pimps Don't Play
18. Davey Child (Shout Outs)
19. Pimpin' These Hoes
20. Outro (Shout Outs)